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Saturdays at the Coconut Grove Farmers Market

January 10, 2023

Saturday is a day to indulge—but if you'd like to indulge sustainably, locally, and (largely!) healthily, there's one place in Miami you need to know about: Coconut Grove Saturday Organic Farmers Market is a wonderful weekly event, where you can stock up your fridge, prepare for a party, or just come to enjoy the raw pizzas, vegetarian sushi, and healthy desserts. Here's the lowdown.

What, where, and when is the Coconut Grove Saturday Organic Farmers Market?

Every Saturday, come rain or shine, this vibrant farmers market pitches up at 3300 Grand Avenue in Coconut Grove (a breezy 15-minute walk from Vita at Grove Isle). It's there from10 am to 7 pm, so, whether you're gathering items for a weekend brunch, picking up pieces for a dinner party, or in the area and feeling peckish, you've got the whole day to get down here.

What's for sale?

Beneath the market's striped canopies, you can peruse a cornucopia of fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and grains, purees, spices, and lots more. It's a riot of vibrant colors and aromas—and certainly not your average grocery expedition. No visit to Coconut Grove Saturday Organic Farmers Market is ever quite the same because produce is based on seasonality. Ask vendors for tips on what to make with their produce—and don't be scared to buy something you've never cooked with before—that's half the fun of a market like this!

What if I can't wait to get the food home?

There's plenty of amazing food for sale that's ready to eat! Tuck into a raw food pizza made with farm-grown vegetables and handmade pesto. Savor vegetarian sushi rolls dipped in creamy tahini cashew dressing. Sink your teeth into a Black Gold cacao bar crammed with goji berries and pumpkin seeds or tantalize your taste buds with one of the many raw vegan ice creams on offer. (Are you a first-timer? It's got to be the chocolate mousse flavor.) Wash it all down with a smoothie or a bottle of coconut juice.

What if I want to buy amazing organic food on another day?

While the market takes place weekly, Glaser Organic Farms, who run it, has a farm store in Redlands—a 30-minute drive from Vita's Coconut Grove homes. As well as selling mountains of fresh and organic produce, the store also runs raw vegan cuisine classes, meaning you can learn to master the likes of quinoa chickpea burgers and marinated corn on the cob.

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