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Exploring Biscayne Bay via Vita at Grove Isle

In her famous poem “Florida,” Elizabeth Bishop wrote: Tanagers embarrassed by their flashiness, and pelicans whose delight it is to clown; who coast for fun on the strong tidal currents in and out among the mangrove islands and stand on the sand-bars drying their damp gold wings on sun-lit evenings.

August 16, 2023

In her famous poem “Florida,” Elizabeth Bishop wrote: 

Tanagers embarrassed by their flashiness, 

and pelicans whose delight it is to clown; 

who coast for fun on the strong tidal currents

in and out among the mangrove islands

and stand on the sand-bars drying their damp gold wings

on sun-lit evenings. 

In these lines, she captured not only the natural beauty of Florida’s coast, but its deep sense of history and mystery. Vita at Grove Isle, close as it is to the mainland, is nevertheless perched in the magical waters that moved Bishop to write a love poem to the state. And it’s this poetic, otherworldly place that residents of Vita will have direct access to any time they want, by way of Grove Isle’s slips and marina.

The chance to live on the water at these Coconut Grove homes for sale offers unprecedented access to Biscayne Bay, its air, and its inspiring expanses and light. But taking to the waters in your own vessel provides an intimacy with the bay and its many unique features that you simply can’t get any other way. A great case in point is Stiltsville, a group of houses built on stilts above the water — many were washed away and rebuilt over the years — which is now owned and protected by the Stiltsville Trust. Only accessible by boat, it's a place literally preserved for the nautical at heart, permeated with that indescribable feeling of being both on land and at sea at the same time. 

Another treasure of the bay is Biscayne National Park, an area made up of 95% water, which is perfect for exploring by boat. Here, you can go fishing and lobstering, and explore coral reefs and mangrove islands. You’ll see the world of Florida birds captured in Bishop’s poem, and encounter centuries of history of the wildlife habitats and the locals and travelers who have explored these waters. 

Of course, having access to Miami via the water also means an easy way to make a day or night of it at places like Regatta Harbour, where boat access means you can hop right into the center of the waterside fun whenever you want, and enjoy a drink or a world-class meal, or even a waterside shopping experience. Choose from three restaurants, each with its own vibe, including Afishonado for seafood, Cut+Dry for steaks, and Hangar 42 for a pub-style experience. It’s a mini world on an island in the bay — just like Vita at Grove Isle itself, where island hopping takes on new meaning and becomes synonymous with home.

Connect with our team to discover more about waterfront living at Vita at Grove Isle and explore everything that Coconut Grove and Biscayne Bay have to offer.