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Museum Highlight: Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

July 22, 2022

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is one of the great architectural and historical jewels of Miami's coastline, situated just moments away from Vita at Grove Isle. Explore its fascinating collections, delight in the subtropical Italianate gardens, and call in on Vizcaya Village for the weekly farmers market.

The Story

An entrepreneur, antique lover, and socialite, James Deering built the Vizcaya estate between1914 and 1922, using it as his winter retreat. The house and gardens are in the mold of an18th-century Italian Renaissance villa—so elaborate was Deering's vision that the estate has been called the “Hearst Castle of the East.” The man himself is seen as something of a Jay Gatsby figure. “Vizcaya,” by the way, is the name of a Spanish province, known in English as“Biscay”—likely where Biscayne Bay got its name.

The Highlights

Deering traveled Europe to source furniture and objects for his Floridian palace, and the finerieson show are something to behold. Admire intricately decorated vases, grand armchairs, mind-blowing murals, as well as personal items belonging to Deering, like his pair of immaculate black Oxford shoes. Antique technology includes a dumbwaiter and a rotary telephone - quite the gadgets in Deering's day! One feature that never fails to wow visitors is the pool grotto,lined with marble and studded with seashells.

The Gardens

Vizcaya's gardens, surely the most stunning in Coconut Grove, take their cue from the Italian Renaissance but throw in countless other influences: there are subtropical plants, ornate Frenchparterre designs, a maze garden, and a theater garden—all ensconced within swathes of native forest. The designer of the gardens, Diego Suarez, envisioned them as a collection of rooms, and just like the interiors of Vizcaya, they're festooned with extravagant sculptures and center pieces.

The Farmers Market

Every Sunday, the residents of Vita at Grove Isle have the perfect excuse to visit, thanks to the Vizcaya Village Farmers Market. Peruse the goods of 30-odd vendors, feast on vegan po boysand guava croissants, take home locally grown fruit and vegetables, buy bouquets of sun flowers to brighten up your condo, and stock up on hot sauces and fresh spices to bringzing to your kitchen. There's also a free half-hour tour of Vizcaya Village every Sunday.

Vizcaya might not be on the market, but there are stunning Coconut Grove homes for sale at Vita at Grove Isle. Contact the sales team today.