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Botanical Gardens of South Florida

September 29, 2022

Florida is rightly known as the state with the most natural beauty and diversity within its borders—with everglades, white sand beaches, lakes, caves, reefs, and preserves dotting its ever-scenic horizon. Residents of the Coconut Grove homes for sale at Vita at Grove Isle are, of course, intimately familiar with all the beauty of Miami and their immediate neighborhood. With spectacular waterfront views of Grove Isle and the leafy trees along charming local streets, Vita’s residents are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the water, fresh air, and fauna around them.

But for those looking to dive even further into Florida’s natural splendor, we recommend a visit to any (or all) of these nearby botanic gardens to deepen their appreciation of the area. First on our list is the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, which spans 83 acres and offers visitors access to rare tropical plants and the world’s largest collection of bamboo, among other attractions. Visitors to Fairchild can enjoy their ample walking paths as part of a leisurely afternoon taking in the sights and sounds. Fairchild also offers educational programming for adults and children, as well as a calendar of events highlighting the seasonal bounty and beauty of local flowers and fauna.

Another must-visit botanical mecca is The Kampong. This garden is part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, a collection of five botanical gardens spread over 2,000 acres across the country. The Kampong focuses on thousands of distinctive tropical species from around the globe, some of which are showcased in the Kampong Planting Heritage. This diverse array of species, fruits, palms, trees, and other plants can be further enjoyed with a guided tour of the site—though a self-guided, self-paced tour is always encouraged too.

Finally, a visit to Pinecrest Gardens is in order for any nature lover. This 20-acre park invites multiple visits for full exploration—from the botanical garden to a petting zoo and butterfly exhibit. Pinecrest also hosts a fine arts festival, as well as concerts and dance performances. In the winter, the stunning Nights of Lights installation transforms the terrain into a winter wonderland via thousands of holiday lights.

All these green destinations will deepen residents’ appreciation of the natural richness and diversity on splendid display each day from their homes at Vita at Grove Isle. For more information on the beautiful life at Vita in South Florida, contact the sales team today.